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Jake Cote’s List of Things to know about while in a Mall (From the perspective of a mall Employee) 
1. Be Polite.
2. Be presentable.
3. Realize you are in public.
4. Do not wear pajama pants to the mall (AKA give up on life pants)
4a. Dress appropriately.
5. Pick up after yourself.
6. Spit Gum into a trash receptacle
7. Use polite language.
11. Have your money properly folded and ready at the cash register
12. Eat food at the food court, not in stores.
12a. If food must be eaten elsewhere dispose properly.
12b. If spill or drop is made pick up/clean.
13. Do not vomit.
14. If it is close to closing time, staying a few extra minutes is ok if trying to make purchase, if aimlessly wandering after close please come back at a later time, try the next day.
15. Use pleases and thank you’s
16. Realize that retail workers are not your slaves.
17. Realize it is never “our job” to pick up things you decide to throw at the opposite end of the store.
18. Use bathroom when you have to.
19. Kids…Just…you know honestly…just leave them at home. It never works well. No Kids.
20. Teenagers, JUST STOP.
21. Moms, BE NICE
22. Have fun…just…you know…don’t be a jerk.

If you do these things, I can guarantee you that the mall would become a great place. For everyone. 

…………maybe someday.

… I didnt think so. 


Flux Compacitor. HOW DO I MAKE THIS. 

Flux Compacitor. HOW DO I MAKE THIS. 

terrifying. Gyarados being OG

terrifying. Gyarados being OG

Found this beautiful picture on my phone…#tbt #tree #beautiful

Found this beautiful picture on my phone…#tbt #tree #beautiful

That should be enough to satisfy the tumblr hunger for now…     
get it? Galactus…hunger? 

That should be enough to satisfy the tumblr hunger for now…     

get it? Galactus…hunger? 


 Because this video should be on everyone of my social network…things.

Posted a long silly blogish review thing…so uh….now this. 

Posted a long silly blogish review thing…so uh….now this. 

I am a Nerd. The Dark Knight Rises - an opinion

I have had a debate with many friends over my thoughts on this movie…here is my opinion. (I know this came out forever ago, just wanted to type it out of my system)

Many fans of Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy will defend it tooth and nail, for good reason too, I might add. The first two films give us what every Bat-fan wanted, a real f#@!%$ Bat-Flick! They gave us a non-camp Batman saving the day from an array of awe/fear inspiring villains (The Bat’s Rogue’s Gallery is half the reason the character rules so hard).  Batman Begins and TDK are two power house super hero flicks that let you peer into the cowl and see what makes the Bat tick. They show us how much Bruce Wayne is Batman and not the other way around. Much like the famous speech Bill gives us from Kill Bill volume 2 about everyone’s favorite boy scout.

  “Superman didn’t become Superman. Superman was born Superman. When Superman wakes up in the morning, he’s Superman. His alter ego is Clark Kent.”

While this is true for Supes, I feel like this applies to Batman as well. However instead of being born as the Bat he had to discover it. That discovery/realization makes the story that much more interesting. Upon this discovery Bruce finds out who (or what) he truly is, after that, there was no turning back. After donning that cowl Bruce left himself behind and became Batman. From there on out Batman must force himself to be Bruce. Bruce is always Batman. Bruce needs Batman. He must be Batman. There must always be a Batman, and as long as Bruce is alive he will be. Nolan did an amazing job crafting this idea, having Batman even risk (and cost) his one love’s life to save a man who could help Batman “eventually” save Gotham (kinda). Severing his one major tie to life as Bruce. (After that much death I’d probably want to sit in a cave, in a big bat suit all the time as well)  

However. The problem here lies with the third film The Dark Knight Rises, which systematically destroys everything the first two films created.  

Now with TDKR, forget the plot holes, forget Banes funny voice, or whatever else the internet has found to tear it apart. My major problem with the film is that it focuses on Bruce, and Bruce giving up being Batman. He saves the day, wipes his hands, and tosses the keys to Robin (JGL being named Robin is another point. Did they think we wouldn’t get it if his name was Richard…or Tim…or Jason…but thats off topic). He saves Gotham one last time, and thinks…well I am all done here. THAT’S NOT BATMAN! Nolan knows this. He built the Bat so perfectly in the first two films (so he has to know it), thats why comic fans saw TDK over, and over. We finally had our DC comics film we pined for. We couldn’t wait for the next installment, thinking this is a new dawn for DC hero films. Then when everything was coming up roses we get hit with Green Lantern, but we stayed strong and said “No worries! The Dark Knight Rises will be the batman film we deserve.” 

We instead got the Bruce Wayne movie no one expected.

Again I am not saying the movie is a bad movie. Nolan doesn’t really make bad movies. I am just saying…why wasn’t the Dark Knight in The Dark Knight Rises? Where was this Batman that was so carefully sculpted over two films? What happened to Bruce’s leg?! What we got instead was a powerful story of a man over coming an enormous burden while being triumphant and being able to move on from his past…..that….that is not Batman. Right? I mean…I may be crazy…but isn’t that sort of the whole point of Batman, is that he believes Gotham is his burden. Hence why he is always there, trying to help maintain some sort of decency in the city his parents gave so much to. Apparently not…he just up and leaves with his  new lady friend and goes to a foreign country to live happily ever after. I just…but…Batman.  

What I am saying here is that there was no detective work, there was no clever outwitting, no stealth, no real sacrifice. Nothing that makes the Bat great. He puts on his bionic leg, goes out and gets the ever-lovin’ crud kicked out of him. Just to come back and fight in the day light where he doesn’t even win!!!! Catwoman does…cause she is all like. “big dude that batman hasn’t beaten twice, there must be some other way to fight him like…MISSILES!” The worst part of it is…Batman didn’t even really lose to Bane, he wasn’t the genius behind any of it he wasn’t the final boss…just a body guard. Batman couldn’t even beat the first boss battle let alone the final boss.  

^ That is all Bruce does as Batman. The rest of the movie is all Bruce all the time. Bruce 24/7. Living, loving, thinking, healing…GAH I want to see the Worlds Greatest Detective….detect! I want to see Batman outwit The Riddler! Figure out who Hush is. Stop an ever encompassing secret Illuminati organization like the Court of Owls…SOMETHING, be intelligent. (another reason why Batman is so many peoples favorite, he is clever, he doesn’t just beat things up.)

I just. gr. ok. I just started typing a lot. I may have veered off my really eloquent point (heh). 

What I am saying is that this film is Bruce Wayne Rises, and that is not who or what Batman is. Bruce could never Rise past the need for Batman, because that is who he is. That is where this movie failed. I know Nolan wanted an ending to his trilogy, but it was a disservice to a character he built so carefully and wisely. 

Plus we all know Batman would never leave Gotham unattended as long as the Joker was in Arkham, because there is always the chance, that he could escape. (I know Nolan would never bring the joker into TDKR out of respect. But he is still alive in that world and that is important.)

The film is gorgeous and tells a powerful story, and I try really hard to enjoy most comic book things (because comic book fans almost always hate everything). It is always a pleasure to see Christian Bale perform his craft, as well as Tom Hardy, JGL, Morgan Freeman, and Michael Cane. As well as Anne Hathaway being an amazing surprise and perhaps the strongest character in the film.

Unfortunately the story being told isn’t The Dark Knight Rising, Its The Dark Knight finding peace…and that is something that Batman can not do. 

Rant over. Thanks! 


Super Lucha Explosiva’s new poster by the amazing Ben Bishop. check out his stuff at
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Super Lucha Explosiva’s new poster by the amazing Ben Bishop. check out his stuff at

make sure you like us at